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Hi. I'm an experienced web developer, interactive and reactive media artist, film maker, designer for print and online publications, and creative practitioner in schools and youth projects. Get in touch if you'd like to know more, or head right for more info.

Al Pagan Web developer

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I'm a web developer creating responsive community-enhancing, social networking, news aggregating, geolocating and content sharing websites suitable for browsing on desktops, laptops, TVs, tablets and mobiles.

Al Pagan Open source

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I'm a media artist who uses free and open source tools: to develop creative projects; to keep ideas and concepts current and relevant; to leave a lasting legacy of skills, experience and creativity in educational settings.

Al Pagan Live visuals

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I'm a creator of live visuals using children's artwork as backdrops for dance and performance on a range of multi-platform, multi-disciplinary, multi-purpose tools.

Al Pagan Workshops

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I'm a digital practitioner with 10 years of experience collaborating with young people of all ages, in schools and in youth projects, from one-off workshops to whole-school projects.

Al Pagan Geek

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I'm a proud Geek Dad to a bonkers 5-year-old, and a proud Geek Husband to a beautiful and inspiring wife. We're a biking family, love being close to nature, love our friends deeply, and wouldn't dream of being anywhere else other than right here (wherever here may be).

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